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Sai Amp Mitch Sai Amp Mitch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just completed the demo, and from what you have it's a pretty solid game. I can see why some people do prefer Sai/Amp over Mitch, however I do see Mitch's potential, especially after the first upgrade. The over world and 'puzzle' room, or SaiAmp Mind room I suppose, is definitely interesting. I can see a reference to your previous game in the check points, the infinity girl (forgot her name) which is cool, wonder if we would run into other familiar characters? it be cool. The facial expressions are pretty well done, and what I imagine is the main antagonist looks pretty scary when she's angry... and ugly, those wrinkles.

Okay so game play. General combat from what I got didn't feel as impactful as the previous game, then again it's psychic powers and bullets, so fine ill accept that. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses which make both of them useful in certain scenarios. While mitch can't make all enemies stagger, I did notice he can stagger, or 'pause' flying enemies which makes him much better for flyers vs Sai/Amp. However her dodge is so much better then his wall simply because of mobility, however I'm sure it will have it's moments. I didn't really experiment too much with skills, but I did see how to use the drones and charge shots to deal disgusting damage as you stated. Platforming is pretty solid, Sai-Amp is the best thanks to her floating and dashing, maybe give Mitch a double jump? Kind of even the mobility out a little?

All in all, this is definitely a worthy successor to your first game so far. When it comes out on steam, ill try and grab it to get a bigger chunk of this game. The art style is still it's unique self, it's funny, characters are cute and the combat is fun. Maybe the story gets to be as dramatic? Can't wait to find out!

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TwinBlazar responds:

> General combat from what I got didn't feel as impactful as the previous game, then again it's psychic powers and bullets, so fine ill accept that.


> Platforming is pretty solid, Sai-Amp is the best thanks to her floating and dashing, maybe give Mitch a double jump? Kind of even the mobility out a little?

Mitch will have a "utility" drone that will help both characters moving around.

> All in all, this is definitely a worthy successor to your first game so far.

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it! :)

Future Fragments - Hentai Game Demo Future Fragments - Hentai Game Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I normally don't write reviews for H-games, unless I find them to be a bit of an exception other then just the usual 'to get your rock off' deal. So that speaks quite a bit... I hope.

First let's get to the meat of things. The controls feel quite solid and platforming is very well done. Some of the jumping puzzles are difficult yet fair and the shooting mechanics feel just like megaman, which is cool. Normal shots do feel a little underwhelming, especially since they cannot be fired as fast as you can mash the button. However the charge shot makes up for it and the 'health' of enemies is easy enough to read. I did find one relic, wish I knew what it could have done for me, the abilities you start with are survivable (which is kind of how you want start off, not exceptional strong, but still able to hold your own.)

I did read a bit into the lore and ill say this: I would fight WORM tooth and nail because damn they sound like a bunch of jack asses. I don't mean for the obviouse big one (this being a hentai game) I just mean in general. That sound however some of the lore does feel a bit long winded. It is possible to say a whole lot with very little. I like that the lore is optional but can help in getting better endings, but it might not be a bad idea to cut a bit of the fat out because I started to just skim through after awhile when ever lore bit was 2 pages minimum.

The art style is pretty good, I like the character designs and models, a few more sound effects wouldn't hurt (assuming I didn't miss any, such as the flame thrower.) The music is also pretty okay, it's serviceable, but it might be a bit... too mellow? Maybe it's just my taste I do prefer my music tobe a bit more foreground in these kinds of games. In save stations or big open 'scripted locations' a bit more of a mellow tone is better, but this is just my own oppinion. Also the music for the boss is a bit too back round and not quite... ill say adrenaline pumping. The scenario for the fight does make you panic a little yes, but it doesn't compliment it, altho it definitely has a good feeling of 'wtf is this!?'

As for the scenes themselves... well, I didn't focus on them really, I played this game as I would play any game. I did seek out a few after beating it once and they arn't bad. This also makes me bring up an idea. I started to just avoid fighting since there is absolutely no reward for it. Perhaps if there was, for example, unlocking H-galleries after defeating X-amount of enemies. Or maybe enemies could drop power ups such as a temp-spell weapon (pierce, multi shot, etc.) Unless you get dif weaps in the full version, which case it would be ammo drops. Maybe something like a free charm ability where you can get a H-scene you normally get in a game over without dying but that be like a one in a hundred drop kind of deal. These are just suggestions. Cudos to the voice actors, they do a pretty good job both normal conversations and H-scenes.

If I could I would gladly put up a patreon for you as this game promises to be very enjoyable, both for it's straight game play value, as well as the adult entertainment which is fairly optional, and I like that. It doesn't feel forced, altho I did chuckle at a few instances because it's hard to make the game not cheesy when Hentai is involved, it's just difficult. Eager to see the finished product and see what comes of it. Good luck!

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hentaiwriter responds:

Wow! Thanks for the epic review, that means a lot! Let me respond to each of your sections;

The abilities that Talia has will becomes more and more over the course of the game; she'll additionally get access to over 50 powerups as well, plus uogrades after each boss!

For the storyline, we'll have cutscenes with interactive choices that affect the final ending to the game as well as other cutscenes throughout the game, and these will replace a lot of the long walls of text; for example, the "creation of the zombies databank" would be replaced by a security camera video if the event, showing it visually instead of a wall of text.

The music is also placeholders too; we have a skilled, concert-performing musician who will be doing dynamic music for the game (music that changes in real time based on events)!

For incentives to kill the enemies, in current builds of the game Talia does not regenerate health automatically and must get health orbs from enemies she kills to heal; multiple powerups amplify your power based on number of enemies killed too!

We do have a Patreon; it's at , and we have two others at and :) definitely check them out!

Wickebine Kigyouden Wickebine Kigyouden

Rated 5 / 5 stars

of all the bloody hells you put me through in your games... that was a hell of a finale.

This is a great addition to the 'ROvania' Series you have (may as well call it a series.) It's fun yet challenging, keeps you on your toes yet you don't feel like your a glass cannon. While your able to tank some meaty blows your skill at reading and doging attacks comes first rather then just beefing yourself out yet it balances out nicely. This is indeed a very well done game. I was able to beat that final challenge... probably burned through twenty potions and had to attempt it... 7 times I think? and the best part is that you don't have to rely on spamming dodge, not that you can anyway, well I couldn't.

Fun game play, good curve, fun gear and items. I enjoy the references. Keep up the great work. I myself had not encountered any bugs in my play through, maybe I got lucky? I use fire fox

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

It was thanks to 20 or so bug reports in the first 10 review pages that I managed to get some of the crap together. Thanks again for checking in.

The Blind World The Blind World

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Before writing this review, I wanted to try and get the best possible ending. However that ended up not happening, unless I'm missing something. I did get two of the endings, the bad and the sad. If there is a truely happy ending, then I have no idea how to find it. Do I have to hit the final transformation? It seems like the char loses her mind the more she mutates.

Gameplay wise, it takes getting used too. Combat is simple enough and the early enemies, if you take your time and observe them, are easy to avoid, like the swordsmen, just to note that 'enemy pinning' is not just the swordsmen, the swordsmen can do it the easiest. The boss fights, once you remember the mechanics, are workable, but are frustrating a hit box's don't reflect the boss. The red mutant boss, yes you can jump over it, but it feels like you need more height then what is needed. I have managed to get to the final boss, and beat the boss without any mutations.


The game is very ambitious, however at the end I got stuck with something. I got one ending because I hadn't mutated, however when I did mutate and die only once after that, I got the bad ending. One saying I wasn't strong enough, the other saying I took too long, when literally I had one death separating the two. Is there even a happy ending?

Ragnarok Unalign Ragnarok Unalign

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun game, it's good to see your work culminate into this. So far, upon writing this and passing judgement, I completed 3 levels (intro and two others) and got three party members. So far each member feels unique to themselves so far. The controls do feel a bit rough in response from time to time but nothing to ruin the game. The hit box... I dunno I'd have to test it, it feels good yet rough, if that makes sense, then again making a hit box for this game I'd imagine is tricky. Glad to see that the slide kick isn't broken like in the knight's game.

I like alot of the nods you gave to a few games, I won't put them down so others can learn about them. I noticed you brought the ranking system back too. It be nice to see a kind of progress bar with that, so I get a feel of just good I am with it. Still the ranking themselves give a good idea of where I'm at. I'm also glad that you incorporated one of my initial ideas, the tag-out system, cool to see that. Glad to see that I managed to help with the creation of this game in a small way. Here's to your next project.

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ShadowWhoWalks responds:

Thanks for the detailed review. You've been at it since Ragnarok Eternal, I still remember your review. I hope this didn't disappoint too much.
I'm trying to figure out this rough feeling thing, you're not the only one to report it.
Thanks for the review and please keep me posted on your progress.

NG: Zero Hour Demo NG: Zero Hour Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Definitely has alot of potential, can't wait for the full game.

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TwinBlazar responds:

Thank you. :)

Project Dimentia Bodhisattva Project Dimentia Bodhisattva

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is arguably one of the most complete game I have played on newgrounds in a long time. It's simple yet effective, every level has it's own theme, gimmick and even it';s own seperate story, the combat system, while not the depest, still has you thinking 'what is the best way to beat this guy, what is his weakness, how can I hurt the enemy without spamming my special?' I played this game to the end, not even realizing I started at... 9:30 at night, till 4:30 in the morning.

The check point system does work (reading one of their authors responses I can confirm that.) That said the deaths never really feel cheated, they always come across as 'damn I messed up' or 'why didn't I do this instead of that?' The dash mechanic does feel broken... for standerd enemies, then you go against a boss... YOU NEED THAT DASH ABILITY XD all the projectiles! It feels balanced in a way your broken, but you face enemies clearly your equal (except for the pheasent girl... she's a push over...)

The heart strings... that sunflower level, god DAMN the heart strings... that was easily the longest level and, to those just picking the game up, if you read this, I do recommend starting on the rotten pinnacle, I won't say why (for spoiler sake) but that's the level I started on, and I could tell, it saved me alot of grief. I still find it cool how essentially every mechanic from every level has it's own way of carrying over to the other levels, very nice touch.

I dunno what else to add really, if the game were on steam hell I'd actually pick it up. Maybe there could be more too it, bonus characters to play as, perhaps a gauntlet run. Maybe post-game there can be special side challenges to test your platforming ability with all the skills you got. (Still havn't gotten the one door in the light house tho...) Honestly, this is a VERY enjoyable game and delivers exactly what it should be. It has strong mini stories but it doesn't stray too far from what it is and it knows what it is, a beat em up, yet is not afraid to mix things up, congratulations on an amazing game.

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TwinBlazar responds:

Thank you very much for your review. I appreciated it. :)

Void Vikings Void Vikings

Rated 5 / 5 stars

starting playing at 7... stopped at 9:30, broke Freyja's stats... yet can't stop playing. had a score of 5 mil. If this hits steam, PLEASE include a multiplayer feature, that be epic. Also may wanna have something so the mother ships start getting stronger, when you can down five of them coming at you at once, think they become more like treasure boxes then a threat.

The King of Towers The King of Towers

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I'm gonna start off saying: I have played both kingdom rush games and even paid for kingdom rush on steam, so yes, there will be MANY comparisons.

King of Towers is probably the first MMO tower defense I played which is interesting but... there isn't much MMO when the only multiplayer feature is, face opponent with unknown battle value, highest value wins. Ill just out right ignore that then...

The main game play is pretty much kingdom rush. You have four tower types, melee, archer, mage, bomb. Use them strategically to win the map. The biggest difference is where KR used stars to upgrade your towers, you collect money to fortify them, and supplies to unlock the towers which is a new twist on it, making you have more freedom of customization, granted by the end you could buy it all, it's how you get there. Upgrading defenses increases the value % wise which, isn't a bad idea, but it always feels like a lessened value and it's only on the base damage. ok you have 450% increase to atk damage, next upgrade is 3% of base value. Doesn't seem like much even if it does add up, it's getting to that point.

Also, there is no real character too it. Kingdom rush has, while limited, animated backrounds and interactive objects (exploding sheep) Plus in frontiers, there ar missions with unique actions like the pirate ship. I have yet to see a unique set piece, or interactive object, this game focuses more content vs quality which isn't bad... but the substance lacks soul.

I will not call it a blatent rip off of kingdom rush, if you do, you have a very narrow view point. However I cannot rank it as high as kingdom rush as it is the superior game and is balanced. This game you can make it unbalanced very easily, and again, a cash system that can grind you too a halt. I realize game producers need to make money somehow, we all do, but this is not one of them, at least in my perspective. Does it deserve the hate I have seen in some comments? No, but as it stands, it's not gonna earn money the same way Kingdom has, or the way it can, especially when you buy content for it, it's permanent, where this game it's temporary boosters. It's ok to play, but doesn't deserve cash. Don't hate it, but give it some life, and please... don't rely on fan service, I see the scantily clad giant chested girl at the top outside of battle... It doesn't help.

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Beasts Battle 1 Beasts Battle 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The game is fair enough on it's own merits. The only thing I don't like is the lack of action point system, you can only move, or move and attack, you can't move to grab a crystal then move again, or make direct pathing options. it kind of kills some enjoyment because the crystals are RNG and I can't plan them at all. It's not bad but... that one detail is a huge sore, please look into that.

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