Video Editing

2012-01-21 18:34:01 by MoonlightSoldier

Too anyone who see this, my home is now on youtube (newgrounds shall stay as my homepage) as i am now into video editing, if you wanna see my stuff, check out my page

everyone hates it when they just can't think of anything for their next (oh first in my case) great peace, right? well i got a horrid case of writer's block, and i'm not surprised... i go unnoticed, i have two stories posted in the writing portal and no one looks at them, which is disappointing, common, someone encourage me!

on a side note i am still available for voice acting if anyone needs a spare voice.., or extra... or somethin

those reading that wanna see my story, here it is: 41243

(if anyone does read this post)

looking for artist

2009-11-13 21:33:07 by MoonlightSoldier

seeing how us 'riff raff' don't get noticed too much (don't blame that, i'm not recognised for anything yet) i don't expect too much about this, however i might as well make this call anyway.

I am looking for an artist, one who likes to draw comics (or wouldn't mind) to talk about working together for a graphic novel, because i have a pretty solid story in progress, i'm not gonna lie i'm still working on it, but stories can take along time, especially if you have to describe almost everything (don't worry i don't over describe, kills the mood for me too) if anyone who can draw reads this, and is interested, PM me and we can talk about this in better detail and show you an example of my story i have posted on deviantart (it was the only site i could think of *sweat*) I know that Tom is trying to make a writer's portal, but i'm just getting really anxious, and too those who dun care, well, have a good day

writing portal!? O.o

2009-10-30 16:47:44 by MoonlightSoldier

a writing portal, hooray!... is in construction... well, hey since it is in plans that means ill finally get a chance to shine myself, hooray! and all other authors out there who are unable to animate like myself (no money x.x) i hope that when the wiritng portal is up and running that i finally get to show case my work too the world... sorry, no dick jokes in my stories

voice acting

2009-08-28 15:57:56 by MoonlightSoldier

been a long time since i said anything, guess ill be brief, i am having difficulty with getting the animation started (difficulty with the equipment i need and lack of money *sob*) however i have the stuff necessary to voice act, of course no one has heard me, but i may be helpful for some people, if you are in need of a voice actor then gimme a call and ill see what i can do to help (even tho 3/4 of the newgrounds population always hunt down rina-chan, i know she is talented... too talented...)

writer available

2009-02-06 21:26:02 by MoonlightSoldier

hey guys, this is corey, my partnership with this account has kinda hit a snag, in the fact that we had an argument and chey isn't talkin much, so now iam offering my writing skills to those who need help with a story, i need an animator!

taken time...?

2008-10-16 21:53:59 by MoonlightSoldier

ok, ok, ok... iam writing the story to a future flash, only to learn that, my partner is doing the art... suuure, iam going through my time to write a story, and iam paired with a lazy person... joy, and the fact i cant find a good program to use flash (i honestly have no clue where to look *sweat*) and i just learned, that her friend (who she asked to draw herself) forgot about it... jee, thaaanks... guess it will be alot longer then i originally expefcted for our first flash... alooot longer... peace out people


2008-09-12 23:57:26 by MoonlightSoldier

hey people, this is corey, for those who know about 'thunder-assassin' that was me, quote, 'was' i decided to make this account for me and a friend to work as a team (because i cant animate worth sh*t, and she isnt very good at stories... or so she says) so please, the only thing i ask, is that you count us as two people, she will make responses to certain flashes, while i do diffrent ones... or we might like the same one, example, sprite TV series (godly! this place needs more sprite movies!) anyway as i was saying, please try your best to direct coments to either me, corey, or her, chey, and if your unsure well... say the both of us (no offense to the creator, but i wouldnt watch charlie the unicorn... not up my ally) so, if we manage to make our first flash, yay! remember that it is a two person piece of work on one account!